The Pursuit of Who You Really Are

In Authentic, the flagship television and radio program of the Voice of Prophecy, Pastor Shawn Boonstra pursues the deepest questions of human existence.


Discovery Mountain

Discovery Mountain is a dramatized audio program where listeners experience adventure, mystery, camp fire songs and, most importantly, get to know Jesus. Discovery Mountain launched in 2017 and is a ministry of the Voice of Prophecy.


Serpentine Prophecy

What’s really going on behind the scenes?Are there dark forces and shadowy powers orchestrating world events-and even our vey own lives? Join Pastor Shawn Boonstra as he digs into history to explore the mysteries of a hidden agenda that has weaved its tentacles across continents, cultures and centuries. As he uncovers its sinister path, you’ll discover how to prevent being caught up in it’s deception.

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